Wholesale Handmade Porcelain Beads from China

Have some problems about making distinctive style jewelry? Why not have a try with porcelain beads? Using porcelain beads is a great way to add distinctive and exotic look to your designs.


Porcelain, also called China clay, is a dense white ceramic material made by heating kaolin in a kiln to high temperatures. Porcelain beads are very strong because the heat of the firing often causes glass to form in the body of the beads. After they are fired they are non-porous and very durable. Porcelain beads are a smart mix of natural and traditional styles, with a smooth and shiny protective coating. Great for jewelry designs for the young at heart and more.


Those porcelain beads are designed with different patterns, including animals, flowers and humans, in a variety of beautiful colors. Whether you are designing a nature-themed design or just want to touch of rich colors, be sure to include one of these gorgeous beads into your next beaded jewelry and craft project. With such vibrant colors available in these beads, they can easily be the focal point of any design. Use these artist beads for bracelets, necklaces, anklets and high fashion earrings.


Just became a beginner of making jewelry? Don’t worry. Porcelain beads have large holes which let making jewelry with them become easier. You can try to make a simple bracelet with some porcelain beads. The materials you need are elastic cord and some porcelain beads only. Measure you wrist first, and cut an elastic cord with the length a littler longer than the measure of your wrist. Straight the beads onto the cord, and tie the end of two cords together. Cut off the rest cord. A simple but beautiful bracelet is finished.


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