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I have reposted one of my favourite photos of Casper with an update on his health for all his friends.
The leading neurologist vet in the country is sure that Casper has suffered an Ischaemic stroke which is caused by a sudden lack of blood supply to the brain.
After various tests including an MRI scan, chest x-rays, ultrasound on his abdomen, blood tests and more they have been unable to find the cause of the stroke.

Ischaemic strokes have been associated with many medical conditions in dogs and cats: kidney disease, heart disease, under or over-active thyroid glands, Cushing disease, diabetes and high blood pressure (hypertension). Other less common causes of blockage of the blood vessels supplying the brain include clogging by a fragment of tumour, fat, parasites or spinal cartilage.

Despite thorough investigations, an underlying cause is not found in more than half of dogs with stroke.

Although there is no specific treatment for stroke, most dogs and cats tend to recover within a few weeks. However recovery may not be possible if the stroke has affected a vital part of the brain. The long-term outlook and chances of another stroke depend on what has caused the stroke and whether this can be treated.

Casper is now home and under instructions to rest, so he will have lots of love and cuddles and we will keep our fingers crossed that no serious damage has been done although he continues to be disorientated and this is stressing him out.

Casper sends his love to all his friends who have been concerned and have prayed for him.

Today’s music from the mighty Beatles and rest assured he is getting lots of love www.youtube.com/watch?v=s-pFAFsTFTI

Rabbits are becoming more and more popular as pets, and today are known as one of the most common domesticated pets. With such popularity, there are hundreds of rabbit supplies now available, so choosing the things you’ll need for your pet rabbit can seem like a very daunting task. At first, it’s important that your pet rabbit has all the essentials which allow a comfortable, happy and healthy lifestyle. The fun stuff and novelty items can be left until later when your new pet has settled in.

First of all, your rabbit will need a home, so a rabbit cage or rabbit hutch is absolutely essential. A lot of rabbit owners keep their pets as house rabbits nowadays, although a hitch or cage is still necessary as there will be times when it’s not appropriate for rabbits to be roaming free. There are lots of different designs of rabbit habitats, but any which are specially designed for rabbits and are a decent size are suitable.

Other essential rabbit supplies are feeders. A suitable food bowl should be provided, keeping rabbit food in once place where it will remain clean and dry. Gravity feeders are available now, where food is stored, and released automatically when the bowl is becoming empty, ensuring that pet rabbits have a constant supply of food. Alongside food, rabbits, just like any other animal, require a readily available water supply. Small pet water bottles are easy to find and will do the job, or alternatively, water gravity feeders are also available.

Obviously, to go in the rabbit food bowl, there must be rabbit food. There are many different types and brands of rabbit food. It’s always a good idea to find out what rabbits have been eating before they came to you, as sudden changes in food can cause stomach upsets. Changing their diet should be done gradually, first mixing the old food with the new, and slowly lessening the amount of the older food. It is important that rabbits are fed a suitable diet which is specific to them as this will ensure that all of their nutritional requirements are met, to keep them in the best health. Other foods such as fresh vegetables can be provided, but only in small quantities as too much of these can also cause stomach upsets.

Alongside rabbit food, hay must always be provided for rabbits. Hay can be used for both bedding and food. Rabbits have teeth which constantly grow, meaning that they must chew and nibble things to keep them worn down. Overgrown teeth can cause many unpleasant health problems. Chewing hay not only cares for their teeth, but also helps to keep rabbits mentally and physically stimulated. Hay also contains essential fibre which rabbits require to maintain the best digestive health.

You’ll probably need to bring your rabbit home in a carrier, and even if you don’t, it’s likely that at some point in his lifetime that he will need to be transported from one place to another. Even the tamest of animals can become unpredictable when nervous or distressed, so it’s important to have a suitable rabbit carrier which will keep your pet safe, secure and as comfortable as possible during transit.

Rabbit cages and hutches must have suitable bedding in them to keep rabbits warm and comfortable. There are lots of different types of these available such as wood shavings, paper bedding and more. These are all suitable for rabbits, and their sleeping area should be filled with extra bedding in which rabbits can make a nest for sleeping.

Once your rabbit has settled into his new home, you can begin to provide him with all the fun additional rabbit supplies such as rabbit toys, beds, litter trays, treats and lots more, helping to prevent boredom for a happy and active life.

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