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Along with all the equipments found in a tattoo kit, a tattoo power supply is one of those components that are often neglected as more focus is always given to the tattoo gun. But a tattoo power supply is something without which a tattoo gun cannot work.


Before a tattoo artist starts his work, he should always check the whether electricity is there, then the tattoo power supply, the wire to the plug, clip cord and the foot pedal. Only if the tattoo gun starts, then start your work. If it does not start then check the power supply again. A tattoo power supply is always checked before it is sold. If tested is not written on the power supply then do not buy it.


When a tattoo machine stops all of a sudden, then check the power supply. The tattoo power supplies are present in two types. The first is the one that works on batteries. Obviously these batteries can be recharged whenever needed. The other one is the one which works only on a.c. power. This means that if the power gets cut then you will not be able to use it. You will have to wait for the power to come again.


There are also times when carbon gets accumulated on the battery. With this help of a nail file you can remove this carbon on the battery. The carbon reduces the performance of the tattoo machine greatly. This carbon also causes poor connections and results in blockages. Clean the parts where the nail file was used. It is not advised to use sand paper as it may affect the performance of your machine.


There are also some tattoo machines that can be used through the a.c. power as well as on battery. This helps as you will not have to stop your work every time the power goes off. You can easily start using the charged batteries. These machines are used widely nowadays.



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