Get your cat to wear a collar

Because you love your little kitten you want to keep her safe. That’s why you thought about getting her a collar. But to convince her to wear it wasn’t as easy as you thought. You see, there are cats that are not upset by a collar, even from the very beginning, but there are also felines who will go nuts trying to free themselves. And sadly, almost all of them will succeed. The best solution for a sensible feline would be to get her used gradually. And you must try to keep her accompanied until you are sure she is fine with it. The cat will accept the collar easier if it is comfortable and fits well. Here are a few simple steps to guide you. A traditional choice, buckle collars are easy to handle but sliders to adjust the size are better. This is because you have more chances to get a hold of the precise length with a slider, while buckle clasps only offer 4 or 5 closure distances. Why is this length so important? The collar must be tight enough not to slip but wide enough not to cause discomfort. Some believe it’s best to leave a

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