Animal Planet host weighs in on pet travel: Trip preparation and packing

Animal Planet host weighs in on pet travel: Trip preparation and packing Other general up-keep items may be required such as nail clippers, brush, dental care items, ear cleansers and grooming supplies. Any liquids may be regulated by border security and may not be allowed on airplanes in certain quantities. An emergency … Read more on WallStreet Morning Insights: IPG Photonics Corporation (IPGP), Cardica Inc … IPG Photonics Corporation (IPGP) performed higher on Tuesday with a 7-day performance of 2.68% closing at $ 93.82, a loss of 0.00%. Wallstreet sold at a volume of 235,507 shares and relative volume of 0.54. IPG Photonics Corporation (IPGP) holds a … Read more on WallStreet Scope

Travel Tuesday: Dublin's First Cat Café

Travel Tuesday: Dublin's First Cat Café The money will go toward administrative setup, website and business setup costs, permits and licenses, rent, furnishings and decorations, equipment (refrigerators, coffee machines, etc), hiring and training of staff, cat supplies (toys, food, equipment … Read more on 17 Yummy Food Instagrams From New York Fashion Week Fall 2015, Which … After a full week of strutting plaid jumpers from Rachel Antonoff, faux blue fur from Michael Kors, and Nordic-inspired horn headwear from Anna Sui, even the most seasoned of cat-walkers needed a snack break to refuel — and snack they did. If everyone … Read more on Bustle

US-Cuba thaw could benefit farmers, energy and travel firms

Yes, Sakurako made a bento for her cats. Image by Sakurako Kitsa Yes, I really really love my cats. We’re visiting Memere (grandma) today and my cats always go after the other cats’ food. To avoid unnecessary carnage, I’m bringing food. US-Cuba thaw could benefit farmers, energy and travel firms Cuban families ate bowls of American rice, while U.S. tourists flocked to casinos and nightclubs in Havana. The United … He notes that fast food franchises and mass stores will be the first to open in Cuba, a repeat of what happened in other emerging … Read more on Door spraying is apparently obsessive Spraying urine is a way of marking their territory, either to tell the pets inside the house that they have claimed this property as their own, or as a way to let other wandering cats in the neighborhood know the state of things. Tom cats also spray as … Read more on San Jose Mercury News Texas Mother Released After Serving Time for Salt Poisoning Murder It was exciting to give that love to somebody who needed it. Reporter: Within a few weeks of moving in, Hannah and Larry began to see odd behavior. I