Canine Protection Training With Pronged Collars

A pronged collar may look cruel or frightening at first glance, but the reality is that they are both effective and humane. Pronged collars are designed to pinch the loose skin around the neck of the dog when pulled tight, or “snapped”. This sensation, while painful, does not injure or harm the dog in any way. In fact, it may even resemble the pinching and nipping that the leaders of packs in the wild naturally use to promote their dominant role. This is a sensation that dogs instinctively expect, and is a far cry from the strange, frightening and stressful sensation created by alternative training tools, such as an electric shock collar. When using a pronged collar, it is important that guidelines be followed in order to prevent injury to the dog, or breaking of the collar. Firstly, a pronged collar is intended only to be used during training sessions, and should always be removed at the end of a session. Unlike slip collars, or flat collars, a pronged collar should be bought by the required size and strength of the pronged links rather than by length. Pronged collars are intended to be shortened or lengthened to fit snugly around

Cats Toilet Training

A predatory (?) look Image by Marco40134 One of the neighbor’s cats in Tossignano, Imola, which my mom feeds regularly, waiting for his supply of cat food. Finding the ability to train your cat to use the house toilet has been an on going concept for decades. Over the last several years, such training has become popular. Most people would like to have the smell of that stinky cat litter removed forever from their home. Some people, such as pregnant women, really suffer some health problems as a result of cat urine and feces and need other options for their kitty to use the bathroom other than a litter box. These are just some of the people who may need to learn cats toilet training methods. This should be done at a slow pace when offering any cats toilet training. Slowly work with your cat to get the idea across to them. You can’t just toss your cat on your toilet and expect that they will know what to do. This could in turn cause your cat to be traumatized and will not work. You will need to take slow, steady steps while being patient with your cat so that

Lighted Dog Collars For Training and Safety

Finding the best dog training collars can be difficult. You must take into account the type of breed you have, your dog’s temperament, and what kind of training you hope to accomplish. When you choose a collar, you should also keep in mind which one will keep man’s best friend as safe as possible. Lighted dog collars just might be the answer. The Best Dog Collar for Your Best Friend Lighted dog collars can make life easier in a multitude of ways. If you let your dog out at night to play and then have trouble finding him in your backyard, a lighted collar will be the perfect answer. Keeping your dog safe as you walk him at night is also good reason to have a lighted collar. You can choose one with a steady light or a blinking one, depending on your preference. Watch out for “reflective” collars that call themselves “lighted dog collars.” Reflective collars shine only when a light source hits them. On the other hand, collars with lights provide a continuous glow. Remember though that a collar containing a light source requires a battery of some sort; a reflective dog collar does not. The Lighted Dog

Benefits of Cat Training

Cat training is possible as long as you are patient. Cats are one of the most common and preferred house pets because of their cuddly behavior. Apart from these, cats are also favored because they can be trained. Although not as easy as chewing a gum, teaching your pet some manners and tricks is something that requires time, your patience and attention. Oftentimes pet owners forget that their pet is governed by their natural behaviors of what kind of animal they are. In short, training your feline companion to do tricks that are beyond the scope of being a feline then perhaps you should rethink this idea. Prior to cat training, owners should be able to understand how these animals learn to appropriately impose the activities. These animals actually learn through experience and when they see that the said experience is good or they enjoyed doing it or it is not dangerous to them; then they will try with to repeat it until such time that they are used to it. In a different scenario, if the experience was unpleasant or they feel danger then eventually they will avoid it. In this sense, owners should remember that any activity that

Training Collars – What You Should Know

When you are considering a training collar it may be to train your dog appropriate behavior at home or in the field. The stimulation provided by these collars is safe for your dog. The stimulation will help correct behavior that is not acceptable whether it’s at home, or in the field. Remember, your dog needs to be well trained whether his future is as a family pet or as a hunter. What are Stimulation Collars Stimulation collars are electronic collars that are placed on your dog. These collars provide either steady stimulation or abrupt/momentary stimulation. Each of these forms of stimulation has their own particular uses. The stimulation should be in accordance with the behavior of your dog. For instance, if your dog is bolting away from you, the continuous stimulation will result in him immediately becoming aware that he’s acting inappropriately. If you are trying to stop a bark, or other similar behavior, the momentary stimulation is as effective. Dogs are notorious for their short-memory. Scolding a dog after he does something inappropriate is not the most effective method of training for the simple reason they have no idea what you’re scolding them for. Using an electronic collar gets

Information of Cat Pet Training

Cat Pet Training   Many people think that it is impossible to train cat. However, it is possible in fact. There are some basic tips to fix the madness safely and easily.   Cat obedience is very important. To have less stress in your life with a kitty that doesn’t meow constantly, jump on the counters, scratch up all your furniture, or use the carpet instead of their litter box, cat pet training is a must!   Training your cat Some great benefits when training your cat. Well, it will actually make you two closer, and understand each other better. Your kitty will want to please you and make you happy. It may be only because they want treats instead of being scolded, but either way, you both win.   If it is behavior problems that you are dealing with, training your cat to fix these problems now will be the best thing for you and your little furry friend. In less you like your furniture scratched up, bite marks and scratches on your arms, meowing constantly or marking their territory on the carpet, then that’s fine with me 😉   Maybe it’s cat tricks you are interested in, so