Syncope in Cats

Syncope in cats is usually only brief event but it can be a frightening ordeal for any cat owner. It is not normal and if becomes a reoccurring in your cat it may lead to brain damage or injury. It is often confused with a seizures or a heart condition, but it is entirely different. Syncope in cats is a lack of either blood flow or oxygen to your cat’s brain and the result is a fainting spell. These fainting spells can last for just a few minutes or for several agonizing minutes for the owners; but in most all cases they will end very quickly and cause little damage, unless they become frequent. These fainting spells can occur in any breed at any age as it is not an age related condition. It will be extremely important with this condition that owners document exactly what occurred throughout the spell to help your veterinarian try to fully determine the cause. There are several potential causes of syncope and it will very be important to separate it from brain dysfunction, epilepsy, or strokes. Documenting the length of time will help in separating it, as it will be much shorter in duration

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