Pet Supplies Plus open in Gaylord

Pet Supplies Plus open in Gaylord Team members also understand that people don't own pets, pets own people, so Pet Supplies Plus staff encourages people to shop with their pets. In fact, the store's rules are written just for our furry friends. For example, “excitable humans must be … Read more on Petoskey News-Review Pet Supplies Plus on Lowest Greenville now open There's a new pet supply store in town. Pet Supplies Plus opened a location on Lowest Greenville on Nov. 20. It opened at Greenville and Ross in the building that once housed Centennial before it briefly became a Cheers Spirits and Liquors. Pet … Read more on Advocate Media

Pet Supplies Pet store

Little Low-Light Monsters (D800 @ ISO 25,600) Image by Sean Molin Photography Here we have two creatures that can see in the dark. Demetrius the cat, and the D800. Dark is an understatement. We’re talking f/1.4, 85mm @ 1/30th sec, and ISO 25,600. What’s more impressive than the low-light handling is the fact the AF locked on with absolutely no problems. Versus the D700, when downsampled to match, I’d say the D800 is around 1-1/2 stops better. If I nail the exposure, I would definitely feel comfortable with a 25,600 image at 5×7… *maybe* 8×10 if the stars were aligned. I’d say I felt this way about the D700 at ~ISO 8000. But, that’s relative. I say that about the D700, but in practice I would *never* go above 6400 because of the loss of detail. Noise I can deal with, but the problem is that images start to look soft on the D700 when that high. I mean, check out the whiskers in this shot! I’d say it’s easily TWO full stops more usable… if not 2-1/3rd. SEE IT LARGE:… This sample has been downsampled to match the D4’s 16.4MP. Be patient as it is 14MB. Follow me