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Discount Pet Supplies Wall Image by Steve and Sara Animal rescue events, adoptable pets: Animals in the News Free pet food in Lorain County: The North Olmsted Pet Pantry distributes pet food to low-income families. Register at or call 440-471-7902 to receive food the first Tuesday of each month at 7 p.m. in Avon. Horse care classes … Read more on Pet Club committed to your pet's well-being Pet Club is a family owned company committed to the wellbeing and nutrition for your pet. What started as a feed and tack store in Mesa in 1982, has grown into over 50 locations in three states. Pet Club offers the largest selection of natural pet … Read more on ABC15 Arizona

Pet rescue groups offer pets, raise funds: Animals in the News

Lucy the Cat – April 24, 2009 Image by A.Davey It saddens me to report that our dear cat Lucy, in the words of one of my favorite authors, came to the clearing at the end of the path on Friday, April 24, 2009. Lucy developed an incurable upper-respiratory condition that progressed steadily over several months before taking a sudden turn for the worse at the end of April. Lucy passed away gently in my arms in the calm and compassionate setting of the Dove Lewis facility in Northwest Portland, Oregon. We adopted Lucy in 2004 from our veterinarian, who took her in when one of his clients rescued her from the streets of Portland, where she had been abandoned. Possibly as a result of having lived on her own out of doors, Lucy wasn’t the least bit interested in going outside, unless it was to sun herself on warm and windless days on the safety of the deck or the stern of our boat. Lucy had an endearing quirk of not eating any kibbles if any part of the bottom of the food bowl was visible. Instead, she’d sit staring at the bowl until one of us came along,

A purr-fect plan: Bradford woman looking to create cat rescue unit

A purr-fect plan: Bradford woman looking to create cat rescue unit Cats require love, care and other kinds of affection, she said. By summer, Ramsay is hoping for the organization to be rolling. Ramsay said she wants to do everything cat related, from being an educational resource to bringing in strays to providing … Read more on Bradford Era Animal Tales: Multiplying like rabbits PetSmart Charities donated crates, supplies and $ 7,000 to help pay for spaying and neutering. … The majority of the males that were adopted, people have sent us updates of them sitting on their couches, litter box trained, playing with their dogs and … Read more on Lewiston Sun Journal