Canine Protection Training With Pronged Collars

A pronged collar may look cruel or frightening at first glance, but the reality is that they are both effective and humane. Pronged collars are designed to pinch the loose skin around the neck of the dog when pulled tight, or “snapped”. This sensation, while painful, does not injure or harm the dog in any way. In fact, it may even resemble the pinching and nipping that the leaders of packs in the wild naturally use to promote their dominant role. This is a sensation that dogs instinctively expect, and is a far cry from the strange, frightening and stressful sensation created by alternative training tools, such as an electric shock collar. When using a pronged collar, it is important that guidelines be followed in order to prevent injury to the dog, or breaking of the collar. Firstly, a pronged collar is intended only to be used during training sessions, and should always be removed at the end of a session. Unlike slip collars, or flat collars, a pronged collar should be bought by the required size and strength of the pronged links rather than by length. Pronged collars are intended to be shortened or lengthened to fit snugly around