Tails of Marin: Reduce your pet's carbon paw print

Tails of Marin: Reduce your pet's carbon paw print Take a peek in any pet supply store and you'll see toys, beds, collars, leashes and jewel-studded collars flying off the shelves. However, these patterns of … Cat waste is another story. Because it contains parasites that are harmful to wildlife it … Read more on Marin Independent Journal

12 PUPPY PAW Collar Friendship BRACELETS/Kitten/CAT/DOG/Paw Print PARTY FAVORS/Assorted Colors 7″/DOZEN/TOYS/Birthday

her last photo Image by This Year’s Love Monday afternoon when I returned from work it was to the sounds of the cat screaming and the dog snarling. I rushed to my bedroom, dropping my purse and keys, opened the door and found that I had accidentally locked Spokane in the room with Israel. This has happened at least once before without any incident. For some reason the moment I got home, after being in there for a full work day, something went terribly wrong. Spokane was on the floor, trapped in the corner, I got Israel off of her expecting carnage. All I found was blood from her mouth, her eyes dilated and glazed over, her fur wet. No puncture wounds–Israel’s face was red and covered in blood but that was his blood from her claws. I locked him up and within a minute of returning home I was back out the door with her in my arms wrapped in a towel rushing to the vet to have her put to sleep–I knew there was no saving her. She died in my arms less than a minute after I got to the vet, before there was a chance for

K&H Kitty Sill Deluxe Bolster Cat Bed, 14-Inch by 24-Inch, Tan Kitty Print

Sparky Image by hehaden I don’t know Sparky’s story yet, but she’s at the rescue centre with Smokey (the mother of the ‘punk’ kittens). It was believed they were both pregnant when they arrived, but it seems that was a false alarm. I guess that means they’ll be spayed and go up for rehoming now. They’re both gorgeous girls and extremely friendly. They’ll have no trouble at all finding someone to love them. K&H Kitty Sill Deluxe Bolster Cat Bed, 14-Inch by 24-Inch, Tan Kitty Print Zip off bolster Soft velvety microfleece interior Easy installation, no tools required Sturdy enough to hold the heaviest of cats Bolster Kitty Sill is not available in heated K&H took the popular Kitty Sill to the next level and created both hooded and bolstered kitty sills. If your kitty wants to cuddle, they can have all the advantages of looking out the window and feeling the sunshine while having the security of a bolster. Product Description The popular K&H Kitty Sill is great for cats that love to perch on the window and keep eye on the neighborhood or bask in the sunlight. It is the sturdiest window perch on the market. Through advanced

Blueberry Pet Hunting Expedition Adjustable Breakaway Cat Collars with Fish Bone and Leopard Print, Small, 2-Pack

Blueberry Pet Hunting Expedition Adjustable Breakaway Cat Collars with Fish Bone and Leopard Print, Small, 2-Pack Width*Neck: 3/8” * 9-13” Both in turquoise background, these two cat collars represent the mother nature, one as vast ocean to hunt fish, the other as safari under sky with powerful pink leopard prints trimmed in black. Two collars are designed with chic and contrast colors, the first one orange fish with blue buckle, while the other blue background with orange buckle. Made with durable and high density polyester webbing, easy to take care of, but with sophisticated look. We know despite the tranquil look of your cat, he/she may get the siren call from the wild any time. Our designer picked these two special collars as a value pack to help your feline feel like in the nature. The first one features expanded ocean, with swarms of fish, in cute color of pink and orange; the second one depicts a different setting, in safari to look over the kingdom with vigorous leopard prints. All collars are made with supreme quality of polyester, durable. It is a definite pack that will make your cat happy!. List Price: $ 23.99 Price:

Ethical 5-Inch Cat Designer Paw Print

Ethical 5-Inch Cat Designer Paw Print Buy a few and use them when company comes over for play dates, visits and parties Alternatively these are great for parties; fill them with treats for a unique dog gift basket Can be used for both food and water These embossed stoneware dog bowls feature stylish paw print design inside and out. Your pet will be the envy of the neighborhood. List Price: $ 5.59 Price: Find More Cat Food Bowls Products