Packaged Facts to Talk Pet Treats at Petfood Forum 2015

Packaged Facts to Talk Pet Treats at Petfood Forum 2015 While dog and cat treats saw solid dollar sales growth in 2014, in keeping with the pet humanization and pet product premiumization trends, purchasing rates for these products dipped in 2014, pointing to significant challenges in the market, according … Read more on Plato Pet Treats Builds Sales Team Through Hires, Promotions Plato Pet Treats, a Fresno, Calif., natural pet treat supplier, has expanded its North American sales force to keep pace with growing consumer and retail demand, according to the company. Andrew Horn moved from Western regional sales manager to … Read more on Southeast Pet Marks 40 Years Southeast Pet, a pet distribution company that sells food and pet products to pet specialty retailers in Georgia, the Carolinas, Tennessee, Alabama and Florida, held its annual vendor thank-you and tradeshow in Atlanta, which doubled as the company's … Read more on

Central Garden & Pet Company Announces Fiscal 2015 Second Quarter Results

Barred owl Image by Carolina Biological Supply Company Strix varia.Barred owl, N.C. Raptor Rehabilitation Center. By downloading this image, you agree to abide by Flickr’s restrictions. You also agree to give credit to Carolina Biological Supply Company by adding a caption to the image (Courtesy of Carolina Biological Supply Company) or by linking back to Central Garden & Pet Company Announces Fiscal 2015 Second Quarter Results BUSINESS WIRE)–Central Garden & Pet Company (NASDAQ: CENT) (NASDAQ: CENTA), a leading innovator, marketer and producer of quality branded products for the lawn and garden and pet supplies markets, today announced financial results for its … Read more on Business Wire (press release) Wichita pet pantry helps people provide for the creatures they love (VIDEO) The pet-food pantry has been operating in its current scope for about 19 months now, said Kim Roseberry, the pantry chairwoman. It hands out pet food, kitty litter and donated accessories including collars, leashes, shampoo and beds, from 11 a.m. to 1 … Read more on Wichita Eagle Global Pet Food Industry Report 2015 Pet Food industry import/export consumption, supply and demand figures and cost price and production value gross margins are also provided. The report focuses on global

Diligence and Prevention Can Relieve Pet Allergies, Says Natural Health

Clay Kitties Image by Penguin & Fish I made these little clay kitties yesterday. I’m taking a tile making class at the local art center and my last day is tomorrow. But I had some clay left and I decided to try and use it all up, so I made these. Now they need to be fired and glazed. I’m thinking one could be black with some white patches and the other could be be more white with orange and yellow and brown spots. Or I might just make them both one color. Idk. I get to see how my tiles turned out tomorrow too so I’ll be sure to share those soon. Diligence and Prevention Can Relieve Pet Allergies, Says Natural Health … LOS ANGELES, April 16, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — Amazing Solutions (, a respected maker of all-natural personal health care products, has compiled a list of practical tips and strategies for people living with pet allergies. Read more on PR Newswire (press release) Pet ownership down slightly, but spending up More pet owners than two years previously, 74 percent, said they are not influenced by the economy when it comes to their pets. Fewer owners reported spending less

Most pet store puppies from licensed breeders

Most pet store puppies from licensed breeders In recent years, the term “puppy mills” has been used animal rights organizations to signify “all commercial breeders.” The Feb. 16 editorial, “Pet store puppies the cute result of an horrific practice,” discussed the sale of dogs in pet stores in … Read more on Kennebec Journal & Morning Sentinel Recall expanded for frozen raw pet food The recalled frozen raw poultry and beef products were distributed regionally in Minnesota, Wisconsin, Michigan, Indiana and Illinois to wholesale and retail customers. They can be identified by the batch ID code (manufactured date) and UPC code … Read more on The Seattle Times

Advent to sell Partner in Pet Food to Pamplona Capital for euro 315 mn

Advent to sell Partner in Pet Food to Pamplona Capital for euro 315 mn LONDON – US private equity firm Advent International Thursday announced plans to sell Partner in Pet Food (PPF), the second largest European manufacturer of private-label pet food, to Pamplona Capital Management for an enterprise value of euro 315 … Read more on Big News Barry for Pets closing after 60 years Barry for Pets at 1840 Fillmore, reputedly the oldest independent pet supply store in the city, is closing at the end of April after six decades on Fillmore Street. “It comes to a point, with the demographic changes on the street, that this business … Read more on Newfillmore

Pet rescue groups offer pets, raise funds: Animals in the News

Lucy the Cat – April 24, 2009 Image by A.Davey It saddens me to report that our dear cat Lucy, in the words of one of my favorite authors, came to the clearing at the end of the path on Friday, April 24, 2009. Lucy developed an incurable upper-respiratory condition that progressed steadily over several months before taking a sudden turn for the worse at the end of April. Lucy passed away gently in my arms in the calm and compassionate setting of the Dove Lewis facility in Northwest Portland, Oregon. We adopted Lucy in 2004 from our veterinarian, who took her in when one of his clients rescued her from the streets of Portland, where she had been abandoned. Possibly as a result of having lived on her own out of doors, Lucy wasn’t the least bit interested in going outside, unless it was to sun herself on warm and windless days on the safety of the deck or the stern of our boat. Lucy had an endearing quirk of not eating any kibbles if any part of the bottom of the food bowl was visible. Instead, she’d sit staring at the bowl until one of us came along,