The Two Lives of Our Favourite Kitty

In the real world, the one inhabited by you and I, she came to existence in the Tokyo region of Japan during the mid 1970s.  A creative individual, by the name of Shimizu carefully designed the iconic kitten, while working for the Sanrio Company. Sanrio began trading as a card shop, much like Hallmark do today, but once Hello Kitty was born, they were able to extend their merchandise much further, to the extent that, today, Sanrio have an annual turnover of anywhere between £1 and £4 billion! Sanrio commissioned Shimizu to design a cartoon that would appeal to young children, girls in particular, in order that the image could be inscribed upon a vinyl purse, and the creation that followed received global acclaim within a very short space of time.  Indeed, first created in 1974, it took two short years to reach the American market, which it took by storm during 1976.  The vinyl purses were extremely popular, and remain so to this day. The original cartoon character was depicted wearing a red bow on her left ear, and blue overalls below.  Bizarrely, she was drawn without a mouth, in the original picture, she was depicted sucking from a

Dogs Do Make Lives Better: Animal Behavior College Announces 2015 Coastal Pet

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