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Kiki and my art supplies Image by congalaconga She’s like my shadow, she’s always near me everywhere I go. I was sketching in my bed and she was by my side paying attention in everything I did. XD How not to love a cutie like this? I love her more than chocolate. Across the globe, Hello Kitty has become one of the most popular trends for girls of all ages. First introduced in 1974 somewhat nameless, Hello Kitty was merely a small cat illustration which was always seen sitting down in a cute manner, wearing a small, red bow on her right ear. This image of pure adorableness was an instant hit within Japan which soon resulted in Hello Kitty becoming an instant celebrity, immortalized on a number of products from purses to lunchboxes and much more. As we approached 1975, she was soon provided with the name she is known as today, Hello Kitty. Although firstly introduced as a character that was aimed at young girls, Hello Kitty has developed into a character that is loved by young girls, teenagers and women alike. It is this growing love for the character that there are now a wide range of

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Hello Kitty Sandwich & Cookie Cutter Comparison with finished sandwiches Image by anotherlunch.com www.anotherlunch.com/2013/03/hello-kitty-sandwich-cookie-… Nowadays, the cloth-made backpacks with two straps to go over the shoulders are commonly used by many people. Among the various kinds of backpacks available, the most interesting ones are the Hello Kitty Backpacks. Hello Kitty is a cartoon character created in 1974; this character is a white kitty that does not have a mouth and is always in her world filled with dreams and fantasies. Be Yourself is the famous slogan associated with this cartoon. Although, Sanrio became the first ever company to create these Hello Kitty backpacks in mid-1970, it was only during the late 1980s when these products gained worldwide popularity. There are many designs and colors of in the range of Hello Kitty Backpacks, let us check them out. Following is a list of Hello Kitty products found in the market as the most selling items: Cute Large 16″ Hello Kitty Backpack – pink colored Large 16″ backpacks with a cute looks along with space for water bottle Hello Kitty rolling backpack for carrying luggage Full-sized Hello Kitty backpack as school bags Hello Kitty Backpack – pink purple colored Hello Kitty Jean

Hello Kitty still rules!

Hello Kitty is one of the most popular and most instantly recognisable faces in the world of marketing advertising and merchandising today. This cute little feline creature with the dot for a nose and no mouth is one of the most recognisable images today and whether you are a pop culture fanatic or a collector of the kind of little knick knacks and merchandise that you get at fast food joints, you will definitely have owned or possessed a hello kitty item at some point or other in your life. The brand was created in the mid seventies by a Japanese company called Sanrio that is equally well known to fans of the little six whiskered cat. The company that specialises in creating fictional characters for marketing purposes created this winner of a character that has endured for over three decades. Despite the fact that the world has changed infinitely since we first saw the little kitten and though children today are very different to the ones who grew up in the seventies, Sanrio hello kitty is still one of the most popular characters in Japan. In the rest of the world too the tiny kitty has remained popular with