IAMS ProActive Health Optimal Weight with Chicken Dry Cat Food, 16 lbs.

Centerfold Stripper Midgets Chickens 27 2010 Shankbone Image by david_shankbone A troupe of little people in chicken suits flocked to McDonald’s in Times Square brandishing signs declaring, "I Am Not a Nugget!" The diminutive dancers from Centerfold Strips—which bills itself as the number one source for midget and dwarf strippers—made their entrance in a pink stretch Mini Cooper and pound ed the pavement in a choreographed musical protest against McDonald’s outdated and unkind slaughter practices. Chickens who are raised for McNuggets are killed using an old-fashioned method that causes millions of birds to have their wings broken and many to be scalded to death in defeathering tanks. Often the chickens are still conscious when they are sent, upside down, to the knife. A less cruel slaughter method—and one that is already used by McDonald’s European suppliers—is available, but the company refuses to require its U.S. suppliers to upgrade to it. "We hope our little protest calls attention to the big cruelty that McDonald’s inflicts on chickens every day," — PETA Senior Vice President Dan Mathews, who was on the scene. (David Shankbone) IAMS ProActive Health Optimal Weight with Chicken Dry Cat Food, 16 lbs. Size: 16 lbs Weight control cat

Diligence and Prevention Can Relieve Pet Allergies, Says Natural Health

Clay Kitties Image by Penguin & Fish I made these little clay kitties yesterday. I’m taking a tile making class at the local art center and my last day is tomorrow. But I had some clay left and I decided to try and use it all up, so I made these. Now they need to be fired and glazed. I’m thinking one could be black with some white patches and the other could be be more white with orange and yellow and brown spots. Or I might just make them both one color. Idk. I get to see how my tiles turned out tomorrow too so I’ll be sure to share those soon. Diligence and Prevention Can Relieve Pet Allergies, Says Natural Health … LOS ANGELES, April 16, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — Amazing Solutions (, a respected maker of all-natural personal health care products, has compiled a list of practical tips and strategies for people living with pet allergies. Read more on PR Newswire (press release) Pet ownership down slightly, but spending up More pet owners than two years previously, 74 percent, said they are not influenced by the economy when it comes to their pets. Fewer owners reported spending less

Urinary Tract Blockage in Cats – Four Ways to Nurse Your Cat Back to Health

Urinary tract blockage in cats can be a painful ordeal for your pet. There are many causes for this condition; it can be caused by stones (similar to us humans), or inflammatory debris and crystals which may develop in the urinary tract. Male cats are more prone to developing this condition, and there are more long-haired breeds affected by it compared to their short-haired cousins. It’s important to get the urinary tract blockage in cats out first; then, the vet will run various tests to further look into your animal’s condition. Once the test results are out, and the probable cause determined, your vet will start your cat on treatments. Depending on your cat’s condition, the doctor may ask that your pet stay in the hospital for a few days for continuous treatment and observation. But when it’s time for you to take your pet home, what can you do to ensure that kitty gets well under your watch? The doctor may have given you specific instructions on administering medication, what kind of food to give your cat, and all the other basic ‘medical’ stuff you need to look out for. But as your cat’s most trusted friend, what should

Pet Bowls – The Key for the Health of Your Pets

Small as it might seem, ensuring that the pet has a suitable pets bowl is, in fact, extremely vital. Normally, pet owners, either who have had pets for a long time or those who are new to the experience, develop a sense of responsibility towards their pets. However, sometimes this sense of responsibility does not drive every pet owner to pay proper attention to every minute detail in the pet’s life. The intention behind the pet having a proper food bowl or a water bowl is not solely providing a luxurious life style for the pet. Such bowls would ensure that the pet maintains healthy and organized food habits, which would ultimately lead to the pet having a disciplined behavior. Therefore, it became broadly known that selecting a fitting pet water bowl and food bowl would definitely assist the pet owner while instructing the pet through a dietary food course. In the long run, the pet would gain knowledge of its own food requirements and that the amount of food served to it is fixed. Still, offering a snack once in a while will not hurt the pet. Before purchasing the bowls, it is important to consider the material, the

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