USA Products Shopping Haul + Make Up! ︱Cat Fung

Hello! 最近喱個月都鍾情於USA Products! 所以儲儲埋埋就拍一條片啦! 大部份都係搵IG SHOP代購, 而且好多已經有門市~所以可以俾大定參考下價錢~ Products…

Hello Kitty School Supplies Haul!!

Hello Kitty Supplies Luv It!! Video Rating: 3 / 5 Today I offer you a GIVEAWAY to one lucky winner. The winner will get a set of OnePiece with Hello Kitty school supplies. You will get three 2B pencils, a no…

*Petco & Pet Supplies Plus Haul!*

Please Read!!! (: Hey guys! GuineaPiggies4ever is back with a new video! Finally! =D Ok, so today’s video is: Petco & Pet Supplies Plus Haul! I’m super duper…

Haul! Pet Products & Girly Goodies

AVAILABLE IN HD!***OPEN FOR MORE INFO!*** Today’s haul is a great mix of pets products and girly goodies…..with some Yodel & Streudel added in! We can’t… Video Rating: 4 / 5

Pet Supply Haul #1

Here is a pet supply haul from Petsmart, Winners and Marshals!! Hope you enjoy!!! I get my sphinx kitten in 5 days!! Yay!! Please like, comment, subscribe an… Video Rating: 5 / 5 Ken Bengson started Countryside Pet Supply in 1988. In the years that have followed, the company has grown from a one-page catalogue to full-fledged Internet… Video Rating: 5 / 5

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Pet Supply Haul

Openn Meeee. im really sorrry i amm trying with this bad quality but it will change!!! im getting a puppy by the time your watching this i will already have …

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