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Shelter bunny Image by Tjflex2 The VRRA is a non-profit organization located in Vancouver BC Canada, dedicated to raising awareness of rabbits as house pets, to the care and shelter of abandoned and neglected rabbits. Donations are always welcome at . Adoption, foster homes and supplies are also available. When buying pet supplies, fish enthusiasts searching for a suitable aquarium usually form the image of a conventional rectangular tank in their heads. What they don’t acknowledge is that pet suppliers invent new takes on the conventional fish tank rather frequently which allows you to contribute a touch of uniqueness to your fish tank. There is no law that prevents you from modifying your tank, in fact, this is part of the fun of keeping fish. When you take advantage of the infinite customization options that are available, you’ll soon be the owner of a one-of-a-kind aquarium. If you want to increase your chances of finding unique pet supplies, fish and aquarium stores located close to your home will certainly have what you are searching for. Don’t restrict yourself to just one store, though, as some stores only have the classic rectangular fish tank for sell. To conserve gas money,

Getting the Best Out of Betta Fish Bowls

Betta fish bowls are easier to maintain than larger fish tanks. If you do not want a large aquarium or you don’t have any plans of expanding the number of fish you have in the future, a bowl can serve as the home of your Betta fish. There was a huge issue before whether it is advisable to use a bowl to house a fish. People back then put gold fish in fish bowls and it created a rage among animal activists because according to them this kind of fish should thrive in a large aquarium. The Betta on the other hand should have no problems with a bowl because it only grows 2 to 3 inches max. It also has a labyrinth organ that allows them to take oxygen directly from the atmosphere in addition to the oxygen taken from water using their gills. This is the organ that enables them to gulp air and spit out bubbles to produce a bubble nest. Betta fish are popular among beginners because they are pretty much inexpensive to care for and Betta fish bowls are easily accessible. Betta or Siamese Fighting Fish can live in smaller containers unlike other aquarium fish.

The Goldfish Bowl – Pet Supplies Fish Owners Want to Avoid!

before Image by minicooper93402 a group of volunteers from the leukemia & lymphoma society team in training gathered with big buckets for dog baths, hoses, shampoos and lots of energy. the dogs were very cooperative and happy to be clean after their "spa" treatment. i hope they raised lots of money for their very wonderful cause … the fight to cure cancer. tnt (team in training) trains for events around the country and abroad, marathons, half-marathons or 100 mile bike rides. each team trains on behalf of an honored patient, drawing inspiration from his/her courage. and by raising money for the leukemia & lymphoma society, they fund research and treatment advances for cancer patients around the world. Almost everyone knows about and has seen the classic goldfish in a goldfish bowl, or perhaps you’ve even owned goldfish in a bowl yourself. Many fish enthusiasts, however, are quick to point out the unhealthy consequences that result from keeping fish in a bowl. Being kept in bowls might have something to do with the short periods of time they often live. Goldfish don’t need much care due to their hardy nature. You’d think that a healthy creature like this would last much

Loving Pets Fish Bella Bowl for Cat, X-Small, 1/2-Pint, Lilac

4,931 Cans of Cat Food Arriving Image by rikkis_refuge But when you divide it between 638 cats, that’s only 7.73 ounces each. About the equivalent of one can of regular cat food plus one can the size of the Fancy Feast. Most of the cats here consider that far less than a full day’s meal. But the cupboards are bare of dry and at approximately 1:57 p.m. on Monday one of the 638 cats will reach into the food bowl for a bite, and get the last morsel. Where will dinner come from? 1,257 little eyes are looking at you (we have 17 one eye-ed cats, and Little Charlie was born with none) and pleading for salvation. The dog pantry is full of dry and they have offered to share with the cats. Especially since Vincent forfeited his spoils as the winner of the Spring Fundraiser, and donated it all to the dogs. Who by the way, have most generously, helped many of the animals at Rikki’s Refuge pay for their food and medical care. Even though this is a most generous offer, the cats are disgusted at the very thought of eating dawg food. But the dogs are begging

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Loving Pets Fish Bella Bowl for Cat, X-Small, 1/2-Pint, Metallic Ocean Blue

Starting out… Image by hehaden This is one of Jazz’s kittens at the rescue centre. They’re about 7 weeks old now and they’re being shown to potential adopters. It won’t be too long before they’re old enough to "leave home". Jazz is a wonderful mother, but you can see that she likes to have a break from them every now and again. While I was there on Monday the kittens were all allowed out for a run around. Jazz took the opportunity to shoot through the swing doors to the staff area for some peace and quiet. She ate a whole bowl of food while I kept the little ones entertained! Loving Pets Fish Bella Bowl for Cat, X-Small, 1/2-Pint, Metallic Ocean Blue Veterinarian recommended stainless steel interior resists bacteria Removable soy-based rubber ring prevents spills and reduces noise Dishwasher safe, remove rubber ring before washing Available in 8 new designer styles Holds approximately 1/2-pint Express yourself and capture the heartfelt way you feel about your dog or cat with Bella Bowls, sophisticated blends of fashion and function. Veterinarian-recommended stainless steel and patent-pending Bella Bowls add 8 new designer styles that fit your home décor and your budget. Dishwasher safe, each bowl