Epistaxis in Cats

Epistaxis in cats is either a very sudden development or it can be a chronic condition and is defined as an acute hemorrhage from your cat’s nostrils, nasal cavities, or nasopharynx which is the area of the upper throat that lies behind the nose. In layman’s terms, your cat has bleeding from the nose. Nose bleeds in cats can be a very frightening situation and although it will appear that your cat has lost a tremendous amount of blood, the actual blood loss is usually minimal and the entire episode does not do a lot of harm to your pet. Epistaxis in cats can be caused by a very sudden event referred to as acute, or it can be caused by an underlying condition and is starting to happen frequently and is referred to as chronic. If it becomes chronic, it is a very strong warning sign that something much more sinister has already developed in your cat. Nose bleeding usually is the result of some form of damage to your cat’s nasal vessels and it can affect any breed, any age group, and both genders equally. Once your cat’s nose does start to bleed it will be extremely important