Cyanosis in Cats

Cyanosis in cats and the blue skin coloration it brings is one of the most alarming symptoms that any cat owner will ever face. It is a condition known as Cyanosis and is caused by a lack of oxygen in your cat’s blood. It is extremely serious and the first signs that you will see is a bluish or purplish color in your cat’s skin or mucous membranes. Cats blue skin can be as simple as cold temperatures or it could be caused by something much more sinister such as heart failure, lung diseases, or an exposure to a chemical that is basically smothering your pet. In most all cases, it is caused by an underlying condition and if not treated by your veterinarian very quickly, it could take your cats life. Blood contains a red pigment called hemoglobin in its red blood cells. Hemoglobin delivers oxygen from the lungs and circulates it through your cat’s arteries and releases it to cells through capillaries. After releasing the oxygen, the blood than circulates back into the lungs through the capillaries and veins. Both hemoglobin and blood are bright red, but they both turn bluish after the release of the oxygen. The

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