Keep your pets cool and safe in the summer

Keep your pets cool and safe in the summer Cats can overheat, too — and a cat panting should be considered an emergency. Keeping fur coats trimmed and … Suesens said it is a good idea to have proper ID information on pets' collars or to have pets microchipped. Fireworks set off at home can … Read more on The Sheboygan Press Love your country, love your dog: Remember to keep your pets safe Apps and online programs also actually locate lost dogs, ranging from GPS-enabled collars, which allow owners to track pets from their phones or computers, to apps such as Finding Rover, which uses facial recognition software to match photos of lost … Read more on New Jersey Herald

cool cat collars

cool cat collars australia cool boy cat collars cool cat collars reflective cat collar identity tags for cats cool breakaway cat collars cool leather cat col… Video Rating: 0 / 5 Rogz Dog and Cat Leads, Collars and Harnesses. Host: Danny (General Manager The Petshopboyz) and Rogz representative: Beck.

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Cool Kitty Party Saree Online

castle cake – hello kitty Image by wetotla The net saree is a rare work of art where the beautiful cream colour base is done with elaborate works of pink sequin embroidery. The border frames of the saree are totally captivating. The saree comes with a matching blouse material that is best stitched with short sleeves and shallow square neck in the front and deep square neck in the back. The cool colour combination is not only ravishing but also adds an air of tranquility to the saree which makes the saree a sure success. The net fabric has been carefully handled for this impeccable embroidery work and the result is a feast for the eyes. The smooth finish of the saree makes one easy to move around while draped in the saree. This perfection of the saree induces self confidence which lets you unwind and relax throughout the party. The saree is also good for dinner parties and other wedding occasions. As friends gather together over a cup of tea and few snacks, the air is filled with enthusiasm and serenity at the same time with this beautiful saree. The ravishing looks of the saree would hold the eyes