College School Supplies

Yumm Yumm – Grass Image by Thirdangel You finally made it through high school and are going to go to college this fall. Your head is spinning with excitement and you know you are going to need college school supplies. But what does college school supplies involve. The same as high school or will there be different things that you will need that you did not use in high school. There is one thing that is a must when you leave high school and go to college. A studying manual. You should of had one of these from grade six on, but if you did not, then you should definitely have one now. Things are different now. You are a young adult and your parents have high expectations of you. Mom and Dad are paying for your education and they expect you to be serious about your school work and grades. A studying manual will teach you the proper techniques to study and absorb information. With the right studying guide to help you and show you how to accomplish as much as possible with the least amount of time. This is a win, win situation. Your parents are happy, they

Dogs Do Make Lives Better: Animal Behavior College Announces 2015 Coastal Pet

Dogs Do Make Lives Better: Animal Behavior College Announces 2015 Coastal Pet … “We appreciate Coastal Pet Products' continuous support of professional dog trainer education,” said Steven Appelbaum, president and CEO of Animal Behavior College. “We congratulate the scholarship winners for their willingness to embark on a career … Read more on PR Web (press release) Landing company offers all-natural products for people, pets and home Dale Schock and daughter Jodie Penn first began formulating their all-natural health, beauty and cleaning products in 2004. They briefly called their new company Toxin-Free Basics, but a collective brainstorming session around a white board with their … Read more on Daily Record Lodi pet shop sweet on sugar gliders, hedge hogs U.S. pet-related spending will top $ 60 billion this year, up from about $ 48 billion in 2010, according to the American Pet Products Association. Americans, who own about 54 million dogs and 43 million cats, also own about 9.3 million reptiles and 12.4 … Read more on