Urolithiasis in Cats

Urolithiasis in cats can cause back pain, abdominal pain and in some cases cause odor in the urine if a bacterial infection is present. However, in most cases, your cat may show absolutely no symptoms until this condition has become advanced and is very serious. Urolithiasis in cats produces what is referred to as uroliths, which are urinary tract stones that can be found in your cat’s kidney, ureters, which are the tubes between the kidney and the bladder, or the bladder itself. These stones can also be found in the tubes between the bladder and the urinary system opening that is called the urethra. The most commonly referred to of these stones is kidney stones which is somewhat misleading as these stones can occur in several places in your cat’s urinary system. Stones that are found in the lower urinary tract are classified as FLUTD in cats, or Feline Lower Urinary Tract Disease. Types of Urinary Stones: There are two types of stones or crystals your cat will develop; Struvite and Oxalate stones. In the vast majority of cases these stones are the result of your cat’s diet, but more importantly their diet in relationship to the amount of

Allergies to Cats

I am convinced my cat is allergic to me. If I was spending money on him, that was OK. If I was feeding him, that was OK, if I was making him comfy and tickling him under his chin, that was OK but if I expected him to show me any affection he had this allergy towards me. Remember, cats don’t have owners, cats own humans. One of the problems is that many humans who are owned by cats have allergies to them. This happened with Tigger and my wife who I originally got Tigger for but he adopted me and became my owner. It wasn’t long after we had brought Tigger home that my wife developed a wheeziness when breathing. She went to see the doctor and after a quick examination he asked if we had a pet. That was it, he then explained about the skin of cats and how they shed particles of dead skin constantly, (as do humans), but my wife was breathing this in. It caused her to have to use an inhaler to help her breathing. So what is the problem, well cats shed their dead skin and this gets into furniture,

Ticks On Cats

  You love your Cat. How do I know, because you are reading this now. It’s amazing how just a look into their eyes or a little stretch or meow and you smile. That’s because your cat, like other animals , are tied to nature and have a certain other type of intelligence that we as humans are more prone to be disconnected from. That happened when the apple was bitten ,so to speak. I don’t mean to get to heavy.   As incredible as nature is, nature presents us with challenges . Ticks are one of those. If your cat goes outside, the chances of getting ticks are raised by a major factor. If you have a dog and a cat, the dog may bring ticks into your home and spread them to your cat ( and you).   Ticks live off of their “hosts” blood. They are parasites. Hey, they are just trying to “make a living” in the most natural sense. Ticks can spread disease. Sometimes these diseases can be spread to humans. Lyme Disease is a perfect example of that. The official name for Lyme disease is  Lyme Borreliosis.  Make sure to memorize this. Then if

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Frontline Cats Productions Are Good To Apply

Day 22. 2012/05/01 Image by J. Savio As you might have guessed from the yesterday’s post I got my OM-D E-M5. I’ve been quite eagerly waiting for that camera ever since it was announced. I might have suffered a few crises of faith along the way but eventually I stopped eyeballing Nikons and Pentaxes and put in an order for E-M5 12-50mm kit and battery grip. It really didn’t disappoint. It has pretty impressive performance compared to any camera on the market today roughly in the price range and for a MFT body it’s bloody fantastic. I did suffer from some withdrawal symptoms moving from DSLR to mirrorless but the E-M5 corrected pretty much all the woes I had with MFT cameras. I for one am not bothered by the lack of optical viewfinder if it’s replaced with an EVF as good as the one in the OM-D. I also find no problem with it’s OM moniker. I don’t have any emotional attachments to the OM brand since despite being a product of that generation of cameras I had a Canon AE-1. To be honest, I was more playing around with all the bazillion settings it has than shooting

Cats Eye Rings

Cat’s Eye having a yellowish radiance and a white band belongs to the superior class of such gemstones. The stones having a depression, spots, mica mixed, having a web, or which are dull, are treated as defective and should be avoided for remedial purpose. Wearing of a Cat’s Eye Rings gives happiness in the matter of children and makes the wearer wealthy. Cats Eye Rings should be worn as per astrological guidance in the Ring Finger. We are leading gemstones exporter and wholesaler such as; cut and cabochon Ruby , cut and cabochon Sapphire in blue, pink, yellow, and fancy color. We supply to dealers, customers, and people worldwide. We offer the widest choice in varieties of Ruby stone and Sapphire gemstones at a competitive price. Our gemstones come to you quality guaranteed. Our Astrological Jyotish Gemstones are Natural. They are not treated or enhanced by man. They are never chemically colored. They are quite rare to find. It is estimated that approximately 97% of all gemstones today are treated or enhanced by man. This is to be avoided for astrology Jyotish purposes.  The best Blue Sapphires come from Sri Lanka (Ceylon), Madagascar and Myanmar (Burma). Blue Sapphires from Kashmir

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Blending Two Cats

We have a Burmese cat, our first cat because we were dog people and never dreamed we would ever own a Cat but we met a friend of a friend who had a Burmese and it was the most awesome animal I had seen in awhile. A few months later we had our own, Sid. We spoiled him rotten, only went outside with a leash. Then a friend of my wife needed a place to stay, we said yes and then she asked if she could bring her cat. He is a tabby in color but looks like part Manx with a tail. I read up a little bit about merging two cats and it can be quite a challenge and may take months. A male outside cat named not neutered and our inside spoiled Burmese cat, we needed to turn them into friends. This is how we did it. 1.They would have their own space in our finished basement. 2.We told her to bring his food bowl, liter box, and toys. 3.She would bring him to his new room and keep him there for a day or two. 4.We let them meet the two days later, very brief, smelled

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