Cats Toilet Training

A predatory (?) look Image by Marco40134 One of the neighbor’s cats in Tossignano, Imola, which my mom feeds regularly, waiting for his supply of cat food. Finding the ability to train your cat to use the house toilet has been an on going concept for decades. Over the last several years, such training has become popular. Most people would like to have the smell of that stinky cat litter removed forever from their home. Some people, such as pregnant women, really suffer some health problems as a result of cat urine and feces and need other options for their kitty to use the bathroom other than a litter box. These are just some of the people who may need to learn cats toilet training methods. This should be done at a slow pace when offering any cats toilet training. Slowly work with your cat to get the idea across to them. You can’t just toss your cat on your toilet and expect that they will know what to do. This could in turn cause your cat to be traumatized and will not work. You will need to take slow, steady steps while being patient with your cat so that

Conjunctivitis in Cats

Conjunctivitis in cats, also referred to as pink eye, is the most common eye condition that will affect your feline, and it can be very painful to your pet. It can come and go quite frequently, or it can become chronic. Although it is a common condition, it should be taken very seriously as if left untreated it could cause corneal ulcers in your pet’s eyes and could blind them. Conjunctivitis is an inflammation of the conjunctiva, which is the tissue that lines the eyelids of the eyeball near the cornea. It is a transparent membrane that covers the sclera, the white part of your cat’s eye, and is composed of numerous small blood vessels. These vessels act as lubricates and protects the eye socket of your cat. When the eye becomes infected or injured these vessels dilate making the white parts look reddish, thus the term pink eye. Bacteria as well as a virus can cause this condition. Causes: There are several possible conditions that can cause conjunctivitis. Your cat may have a congenital defect such as a very small tear duct that does not allow for proper lubrication, scar tissue that has remained from a previous infection in

Strokes in Cats

Sweet Mojo 2000 – 2010. You Are Loved And Will Be Missed Image by puck90 Sweet Mojo crossed the Rainbow Bridge tonight at 6:00 pm. He had a mass growing around the outside of his wind pipe, cutting off his air supply. Nothing could be done to save him. He died peacefully in my arms. I can’t believe he’s gone. He was only 9 years old. Strokes in cats can happen and do happen a lot more frequently than most cat owners may be aware of. This is a condition that several experts said did not happen in cats, but in the last three to four years the medical community is now recognizing that it can, and in fact does, happen in cats as well as in dogs. Recent testing of pets brains have shown conclusively that your feline companion can suffer from strokes, or may have already suffered from a stroke. And the experts will also tell you that there are no medications to help prevent strokes in your cat, or is there? A stoke is a very serious condition and the thought that your cat may have actually suffered from a stroke is frightening. However, even though it

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Panting in Cats

Panting in cats is very uncommon and is something that should be taken very seriously. Although it is part of a dog’s nature, it is just not normal in cats. There may be an occasion when your cat may pant after an extensive play period, but that is also very rare. In most cases when your cat does pant, they are either in stressful situation, very hot, or they are actually in distress from an underlying and potential life threatening condition. Panting in cats in most situations will the result of overheating or when they have become extremely stressed by some type of a traumatic event. The panting that they will exhibit will be very rapid but also a very shallow form of respiration. A normal respiration in your cat should be between 20 to 30 breaths per minute. If respiration becomes rapid it will cause panting. It is very easy to check a cats respiratory rate if they exhibit any form of respiration or panting symptoms. Simply count the number of times that your cat’s chest rises and falls in a 15 second period, and than multiply it by four. Causes: Other than heat or a stressful event, there

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Hematemesis in Cats

Hematemesis in cats can be extremely dangerous and you may not know where the blood is actually coming from. The blood from this condition can be bright red or can be very brown and almost resemble coffee grinds. It may be a true form of Hematemesis that your cat is experiencing, or it can be a secondary form. If it is the true form, your cat needs immediate attention and may have to be hospitalized. The color of the blood will depend on the exposure to your pet’s gastric juices and the length of time that this blood has been in the stomach. If it has been in the stomach for over two hours and digested, this is where it gets the coffee ground appearance. If it is fresh blood it indicates that there is a new problem such as a hemorrhage and the blood has had no contact with the juices, therefore it will be red. Hematemesis is the vomiting of blood by your cat. This condition can be extremely frightening for owners and it will at first be very difficult to identify the actual cause, but it will be extremely important to understand exactly what kind of blood

Seizures in Cats

Seizures in cats can stop your heart as they are a truly frightening experience for both owners as well as your cat. They can last for just a few seconds, or they can last for several agonizing minutes as you helplessly witness this horrific series of events. The best thing you can do if your cat experiences a seizure is not to panic, but rather collect yourself, take a breath, and time the seizures. The amount of time that they last will be critical for your veterinarian. Seizures are not always epilepsy; in fact, there are several different diseases or conditions that can cause your cat to have a seizure. Seizures are not a disease, but rather the symptoms of some type of a neurological disorder that is affecting your cat. And to complicate it even further, the age of your cat usually determines what type of seizure that they are having. Also referred to as convulsions, they are a very sudden excessive firing of nerves in the brain. As a result of this rapid firing, they cause your cats voluntary muscles to have a series of involuntary contractions, sensations that are anything but normal, as well as very strange

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