12 PUPPY PAW Collar Friendship BRACELETS/Kitten/CAT/DOG/Paw Print PARTY FAVORS/Assorted Colors 7″/DOZEN/TOYS/Birthday

her last photo Image by This Year’s Love Monday afternoon when I returned from work it was to the sounds of the cat screaming and the dog snarling. I rushed to my bedroom, dropping my purse and keys, opened the door and found that I had accidentally locked Spokane in the room with Israel. This has happened at least once before without any incident. For some reason the moment I got home, after being in there for a full work day, something went terribly wrong. Spokane was on the floor, trapped in the corner, I got Israel off of her expecting carnage. All I found was blood from her mouth, her eyes dilated and glazed over, her fur wet. No puncture wounds–Israel’s face was red and covered in blood but that was his blood from her claws. I locked him up and within a minute of returning home I was back out the door with her in my arms wrapped in a towel rushing to the vet to have her put to sleep–I knew there was no saving her. She died in my arms less than a minute after I got to the vet, before there was a chance for