Treasure Boxes and Wealth Bowls

In Feng Shui, we often use objects to support our intention for change in our life. These objects can be anything that we find either compelling, beautiful or inspiring. The object itself doesn’t have to be any one specific thing, it only has to meet all or some of the criteria above. (Compelling, beautiful and/or inspiring). To create an environment that embraces you with comfort, beauty, style and inspiration, it is vital that you choose to surround yourself with items and objects that resonate with who you are and what you like. An object that doesn’t resonate with you and your personal sense of style is an object that has no meaning, and without meaning it is devoid of vibrant energy. That being said, a powerful tool that I have been using a lot lately, with great success, is what’s called a Treasure, Wealth or Miracle Box. It sounds good already doesn’t it? Some basic guidelines: 1. Your box can be composed of a beautiful cut glass bowl, a basket, a metal box, a silver bowl, a ceramic bowl or any type of container that you feel is both attractive and represents abundance for you. 2. Depending on the purpose