Why Buying Pet Supplies Online Is Better

Discount Pet Supplies Online, What To Buy? It is very tempting to buy items online particularly if they are on sale or offered at discounted prices. You may be repeating this over and over inside your head, “What to buy? what to buy?” Take a note of the following tips first before purchasing those discount pet supplies online. What are the basic necessities of your pet? First one on your list should be your dog’s food supply, including vitamins and medications (if any). Check the expiration dates of these discount pet supplies and calculate if you still have time to let your dog consume all of them before it gets spoiled. If not, stop yourself from biting the promo. What are the basic accessories? Never leave out dog collars and leashes on your list. A couple of this set, one for daily use and one for special occasions (maybe those spiked dog collars?), should be enough when you purchase the ones that are in good quality and reputation. Do not settle for those cheaper ones when these dog collars and leashes have a bad reputation of breaking easily. Dog beds are also essential so that your pet will have its

Dogs Do Make Lives Better: Animal Behavior College Announces 2015 Coastal Pet

Dogs Do Make Lives Better: Animal Behavior College Announces 2015 Coastal Pet … “We appreciate Coastal Pet Products' continuous support of professional dog trainer education,” said Steven Appelbaum, president and CEO of Animal Behavior College. “We congratulate the scholarship winners for their willingness to embark on a career … Read more on PR Web (press release) Landing company offers all-natural products for people, pets and home Dale Schock and daughter Jodie Penn first began formulating their all-natural health, beauty and cleaning products in 2004. They briefly called their new company Toxin-Free Basics, but a collective brainstorming session around a white board with their … Read more on Daily Record Lodi pet shop sweet on sugar gliders, hedge hogs U.S. pet-related spending will top $ 60 billion this year, up from about $ 48 billion in 2010, according to the American Pet Products Association. Americans, who own about 54 million dogs and 43 million cats, also own about 9.3 million reptiles and 12.4 … Read more on

Are Natural Pet Products Really Better For Pets?

PN07HKY 150411 CPS Image by HHA124L Natural pet products have started flooding the market. After the poisoned pet food incident a few years ago consumers started to really look at where their pets bedding, food, toys and other products were made and what was in them.  Natural and organic products became widely available for the first time.  Are natural products really better for your pet?  Yes, they are. Here’s why: Natural  products don’t contain common allergens- Many pets are allergic to commonly used ingredients in pet food like wheat and wheat gluten, corn, and some types of rice.  Mass produced pet foods use the lowest possible grade of feed grain in their foods to keep costs down.  Natural foods usually contain organic brow rice or soy instead of cheap filler grains that cause skin conditions in millions of pets.  Whole grains are better for you, and better for your pets. Natural pet foods use organic meat sources – Feeding your pets food made from chickens and cows that are fed growth hormones, antibiotics, and even pieces of other chickens and cows isn’t healthy.  Natural pet foods use meat from only certified organic sources like free range chickens, hormone free beef,