French Style – Beds

Bugs Image by hehaden Sweet Bugs is at the rescue centre on the program that cares for the pets of victims fleeing from domestic violence. He will go to a foster home for a while and then, when his original owner has been safely resettled, they’ll be reunited. Like Lily and Tommy, Bugs is a beautifully cared for, gentle, affectionate cat. While he’s waiting for his foster home, I’m more than happy to spend time with him and give him lots of cuddles. Whenever I’m with cats on the program, I feel so sorry for their owners who must be missing them terribly. It’s so good to know that they’ll be reunited when they’re in a safe place.   A French bed is a style of bed that is uses a lot of curves, and designs to create amazing details. They are typically made out of an iron frame or a wood frame, both with much detail. It will be hard to find a French bed made out of any other material. In the European countries the term “French bed” refers to the size of a bed which is between the size of a double and full bed. It is

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Large Dog Beds

If you have a large dog, or a pup that is likely to grow into a large dog, you will need to take a look at buying one of the large dog beds obtainable today. There is a vast range, so there are things you need to consider when buying the bed. The importance of large dog beds It is crucial to note here an additional benefit of buying large dog beds, which is that it enables you to assert your position as top dog in the hierarchy. A dog that has its own bed has its own territory that it feels secure in, so it has less need to assert control over other territories. Also, by giving your pet its own bed you are undoubtedly marking out your own territory. The sitting room sofa is not a suitable place for your dog, for hygiene purposes or for the sake of your dog understanding its limits. In particular, if your dog is big, you don’t what him or her thinking that they rule the roost, which can lead to problems and aggression against weaker members of the household, potentially, children. So, now the importance of buying large dog beds has

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Inflatable Air Beds

Inflatable air beds can be a good investment if you know what to look for and have a little extra cash to spend. For people who tend to get a full house with frequent guests or for individuals who are saving up to buy bedroom furniture, inflatable air beds may be exactly what you need. Yet with any type of product on the market, there are pros and cons. Pros Inflatable air beds are portable and can stored anywhere. They save a lot of space, since they can be deflated and put away after being used. Ease is another factor; inflatable airbeds usually come with a foot pump that is simple to use. If you want even more convenience, look models that come with an electric pump. Another pro is that depending on the brand; often time inflatable beds can be more comfortable than a regular mattress. You don’t have springs or strange pressure points. When sleeping, probably the most important thing to consider is comfort. Inflatable beds come in a wide variety of thickness as well as size. Inflatable airbeds have come a long way and now are completely customizable in terms of options. Some people prefer to sleep

All About Dog Beds

Alfie (Explored) Image by tsbl2000 I’ve been playing with my new "ring flash diffuser softbox", prior to some private shoots I’ve got over the next couple of weeks. Quite pleased with the effect, although Alfie (in his bed atop the refrigerator) doesn’t seem so sure…. At the end of a long day, everyone likes to get into their own bed and feel comfortable.  It’s a personal space that is arranged as individuals see fit and where total relaxation can occur.  It’s exactly the same for a dog.  For dog owners there’s nothing better than seeing your dog climb onto its bed and fall fast asleep.  It warms the heart and always raises a smile. Gone is the practice of putting a dog out for the night as pets are treated increasingly like one of the family and welcomed inside.  While some working dogs do live in dog cages outside, it is important to make the family pet dog comfortable and wanted.  Providing a dog bed is exactly the way to do this, as the animal will have some place to call home. The amount of dog beds available is astonishing.  There’s everything from plastic dog beds to wicker ones, bean

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Cheap White Bunk Beds

Kitten update – Day 140 of Project 365 Image by purplemattfish 03/01/09 Kitten update !!!! about 6 and a half weeks ago I found a little lost kitten. I can report that Millie is doing very well, and has pride of place on the bed….for now! Lightroom: white balance tweak, increase brigtness, save to JPG Buying a cheap white bunk bed is a false economy. Why? Simply because it will start to look pretty shoddy and tacky in no time at all. Think about this, who are the main users of these bunk beds going to be? Children of course. Kids love bunk beds, right? Of course they do and what they love most about them is jumping and climbing on them. In fact that’s what kids love to do generally with all things. What are the worst things to have around children? White things. Anything white gets trashed almost immediately. Now admittedly you don’t need to worry about wiping dirt off a white bed frame as much as you do wiping it off your favorite white sofa but it will show up far more obviously than a dark framed bed. More importantly if your bunk bed is cheap then

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Designer Dog Beds

We all know that you love your pooch, there’s no question about it. The two of you have been together for years and have an incredibly special bond. Every morning as the sun comes up; your pet is there to greet you, eagerly waiting for a pat on the head. Doesn’t your dog deserve the best? After all he is part of your family. Give your favorite pet a comfortable place to rest-how about designer dog beds! There is a huge selection to choose from in dog beds these days. The pet product industry has taken off recently and everyone wants to pamper their companion with special clothing, leashes and of course, dog beds. Designer dog beds are the ideal solution to your dogs comfort needs when you don’t want your dog to sleep with you on your own bed. Dog beds come in several styles. One of the more popular is the simple pillow type bed. This is simply a large, fluffy pillow big enough for your pet to curl up and sleep in. They offer protection from hard, cold floors and give pets a respite from the ordinary blanket or throw for them to sleep on. Dog beds

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