Allergies to Cats

I am convinced my cat is allergic to me. If I was spending money on him, that was OK. If I was feeding him, that was OK, if I was making him comfy and tickling him under his chin, that was OK but if I expected him to show me any affection he had this allergy towards me. Remember, cats don’t have owners, cats own humans. One of the problems is that many humans who are owned by cats have allergies to them. This happened with Tigger and my wife who I originally got Tigger for but he adopted me and became my owner. It wasn’t long after we had brought Tigger home that my wife developed a wheeziness when breathing. She went to see the doctor and after a quick examination he asked if we had a pet. That was it, he then explained about the skin of cats and how they shed particles of dead skin constantly, (as do humans), but my wife was breathing this in. It caused her to have to use an inhaler to help her breathing. So what is the problem, well cats shed their dead skin and this gets into furniture,

Diligence and Prevention Can Relieve Pet Allergies, Says Natural Health

Clay Kitties Image by Penguin & Fish I made these little clay kitties yesterday. I’m taking a tile making class at the local art center and my last day is tomorrow. But I had some clay left and I decided to try and use it all up, so I made these. Now they need to be fired and glazed. I’m thinking one could be black with some white patches and the other could be be more white with orange and yellow and brown spots. Or I might just make them both one color. Idk. I get to see how my tiles turned out tomorrow too so I’ll be sure to share those soon. Diligence and Prevention Can Relieve Pet Allergies, Says Natural Health … LOS ANGELES, April 16, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — Amazing Solutions (, a respected maker of all-natural personal health care products, has compiled a list of practical tips and strategies for people living with pet allergies. Read more on PR Newswire (press release) Pet ownership down slightly, but spending up More pet owners than two years previously, 74 percent, said they are not influenced by the economy when it comes to their pets. Fewer owners reported spending less