Fashionable Dog Bowls Accentuate Your Home

marching to doomtoria Image by McBeth I have few issues with ants – until they cross into my turf and start carrying the cats’ food away from their bowls. That’s when we begin to have problems. That’s when I feel slightly guilty for marching them to the chambers but still I do it, regardless of my generally tender feelings for the animal kingdom. When going out to buy a dog bowl, most people think of only two things: the cost and size of the bowl. Of course the dog bowl should be the appropriate size for your dog, and it is also very important that it be reasonably priced. However there is one more aspect of the bowls for your dog that you should take into consideration – fashion! These days, more and more dog bowls are designed with the intention of looking good in your home. Whether you are searching for ceramic, plastic, or stainless steel bowls, there are many bowls out there that are designed specifically to incorporate fashion and function. Ceramic dog bowls have always been amongst the most classy and decorative types of dog bowl. Before they are fired and turned into ceramics, clay bowls can