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Hello kitty is a female Japanese bobtail cat that is white in color but has a red bow, created back in 1974 by a Japanese company named Sanrio. It was designed by Yuko Shimizo. It first appeared on a coin purse in 1975 in Japan. It was shifted to U.S in 1976. Since then it has developed a cult following including everybody, from the kids to grandmas. It has spread its arms globally and can be seen on a wide range of products like school supplies, dolls, dishes, greeting cards, stickers, accessories and home appliances. The number products go up to 50,000.

Sanrio claims that this cute white character has no political connotations and is recognized for its cuteness and adorability by her fans all over the world. This line of thought has to be maintained for its brand value. Company claims that since she has no mouth, she speaks from the heart. Many of Sanrio hello kittys fans grew up holding the cute little vinyl purse but company has also successfully lured older people who didnt knew the brand until they became adults. After all many of its products like the diamond necklace and jewelleries are not purchased by kids.

Its appeal is sentimental and so saccharine sweet that it has resulted in many partnerships by Sanrio. It has a greater appeal than any one designers collection. Its world wide effect has led to many hello kitty forums either in its support or against it. Anti forums are created by the frustrated husbands who think that their better halves have gone too deep into it. The joke even got carried to police forces in some cities. There have been complaints against this cute character. Love it or hate it, it enjoys a cult following world wide which no other brand does.

Apart from the kids, the brand has had a strong impact on adults. There are sanrio hello kitty webcams, home appliances and laptops. These day to day things which have a huge market have been attacked by this cute little monster. The best part is, if u greet one with a present from the brand it sparkles their face with a smile. Life style gifts vary from a bath towel, tooth-brush, wall clock, baking pan to a coffee mug. Many video games launched by the company are also making a mark in the gaming world.

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