Making the Cut: See a Long Hair Lifer Transition to a Lob

Grumpy Cat at Toy Fair 2014 with Ganz products
cat products
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Making the Cut: See a Long Hair Lifer Transition to a Lob
I finished with color a few minutes before Connie was ready for me, so I headed back into the apothecary to try some products, happily plied with a glass of wine. … (A recent workshop for drawing the perfect cat eye sold out so don't delay in …
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We Made a French Sommelier Drink The Girliest-Looking Wines We Could Find
Surely amidst the products targeting we wine-swilling ladies (not to mention all our cash), there must be something decently drinkable in this lot. Could a … You know how some people say you can confuse a drug-sniffing dog by dousing your stash in …
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Green rigs and ham: Dr. Seuss the oilman
Other than promoting Standard Oil products, Geisel also created ads for various goods such as ball bearings, radio spots, beer and sugar. While promoting Esso products, he created a plethora of unique zoological creatures to accompany ads for …

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