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Image by Nemo’s great uncle
Our favorite dive supply shop was having its annual New Year’s sale.
We won nothing in their lucky drawing, so, as a backup, we got one scoop of candies.
The record is six. I got five.

政治家は贈らない(seijika wa okuranai) [?]

Hello Kitty is a world wide phenomenon that most people of all ages in most countries of the world whether they are advanced first world countries or even developing countries are aware of. For close to almost forty decades now this simple little white cat has fired the imagination of kids and adults alike and for many people it is one of the quintessential symbols of everything that is cute and Japanese.

Hello Kitty has also defied all the rules that normal pop culture icons follow. Normally a fictional character that shoots into popularity and then attains such resounding fame and instant recognition around the world is very quick to fade into obscurity. It is either replaced soon by another icon that is having its own fifteen minutes of fame or interest in the icon simply falls off naturally. If a new character does not replace it then a new generation comes along that does not really find anything interesting or relatable about it. This has not happened with Hello Kitty and for year after year and generation after generation now merchandise carrying the distinctive shape and the distinctive face of this little cat have been selling like hot cakes.

Hello Kitty is so ubiquitous in fact that it is sold at an amazing twelve thousand plus locations at cities around the world and even today if you walk into a Hello Kitty store you will find that sales are brisk as people of all ages snap up the products with a fervour.

A lot of the credit for this success goes to the company that created this fictional character. Sanrio is a Japanese company that was established in 1960 and for half a century now has been creating popular cartoon characters that it has turned into merchandising and licensing businesses. In 1974 it created the iconic little white cat with no mouth and a large red bow on one side of its head. A year later when Hello Kitty merchandise and products started being sold to the Japanese public it was an instant hit.

Today if you walk into a hello kitty store there is a mind boggling range of products that you can buy. Not only has Sanrio produced literally thousands of Hello Kitty branded products to make it one of its most successful if not the most successful characters ever, it has also had equal success with licensing the name and the brand to other companies that have come up with other Hello Kitty products. Today you can buy Hello Kitty bags, purses, watches, earrings, jewellery, alarm clocks and a ton of other wired and wonderful products.

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