Leather Dog Collars “?” The Pros And Cons You Need To Know

Dog collars are not new thing in market. They are put around the neck of a dog. They help in controlling, identification and fashioning up your dog. Basic information like the name, number or medical information about the dog is written on the color. They also help in directing or teaching a dog.

You have to style up your dog as you do yourself. Dog collars come in variety of colors, designs and textures. If you want something styled up, unique, colorful and up to the standards of fashion, then you need to consider getting your dog a leather collar. Its advantages run deeper than its fashion value and its availability is around the globe.

Durability is important

When you are buying your dog a collar, you want something that will last; something that is worthy of your money. You should consider buying your dog a leather collar because it is very durable. Leather materials last long because they are made from animal skin and save you the cost of buying a new one every time the collar is tattered. They may be expensive but worth. Besides, leather has an aesthetic value that is unrivalled by other materials.

Size does matter

A dog collar should be the right size. Not too tight that it chocks your dogs or too lose that it restricts its movement. Leather dog collars come in different sizes to suit your dog. They ensure your dog is comfortable and his movements are not restricted. They are the best choice for your dog however you have to put into consideration the behavior of the dog. If your dog has little or no problem of rubbing this is the best choice.

Your dog can be identified

At times when your dog is playing he wanders away and may get lost, stolen or when you are traveling may be put together with other similar dogs. Having a leather collar with his identification name or number will help you get back your dog.

Leather collars are fashionable

When you are buying a dog collar you want something that matches with your dog, one that other people look at and admire. This means something that will go with almost all its clothes if you dress your dog. Leather dog color offers you this laxity. Their colors come in the most natural form to suit your dog. Be it black, white, brown or a mixture of both.

The other side of the coin

Dogs like to play around and in that they may get very dirty. It is advisable you remove his leather collar when he is doing so. If you opt to remove it make sure he is within your watch to prevent him from getting lost. Do the same when he is in water to prevent odor. Every once in a while clean his leather collar. This will help in preserving good smell for your dog.

Vegans cannot use it

The other disadvantage is that they are made from animal skin. Vegetarians or vegans cannot use them because it is against their principles.

The advantages of leather dog collars however outnumber the disadvantages so now that you have both sides of the leather dog collars, its advisable you rush and get one for your dog.

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