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Business Savvy for the Crafty, Author Talk & Signing @ Circa Gallery
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Join us on Saturday April 24, from 6-8 p.m. as Author, Kari Chapin talks about her new book “The Handmade Marketplace” and to answer any questions that you may have about your business and the art of selling and marketing your work. This event is FREE and open to the public.

It’s an exciting new world for crafters. Handmade is hip, creativity is what the market wants, and there are many profitable sales opportunities that didn’t exist a few short years ago. For crafters who have more confidence running a sewing machine than setting up a website, The Handmade Marketplace by Kari Chapin breaks down and makes sense of the global possibilities for marketing and selling crafts.

Kari Chapin is a marketing and publicity savvy crafter who has sold her goods online as well as managing a bricks-and-mortar store. She has worked in marketing and publicity for a variety of arts and nonprofit organizations and managed a retail store featuring artisan goods.

The Handmade Marketplace is a comprehensive guide to successfully navigating new opportunities for selling handmade crafts, no matter what the medium, and targeting selling venues. It offers practical advice on marketing, promotion, and sales for retail, wholesale and online sites.

With sites like Etsy gaining 4,000 new customers and 400 new artists daily, and the indie craft fair movement booming, crafters have a worldwide marketplace open to them if they know how to tap into it. This guidebook shows the way to success in this marketplace. How-to websites are growing fast. Traffic at the website Expert Village is up 131 percent over one year. The “Buy Handmade Pledge” movement launched by Etsy collected over 10,000 signatures in two months last year, from people vowing to buy only handmade gifts. The number of indie craft fairs held nationwide tripled in recent years. Indie Craft is one of the many websites serving as a clearinghouse for this movement. Etsy has one million members who buy from 185,000 artists, 96 percent of them women. Investors believe this increase is more than a movement; it’s a shift in the way commerce is done.

The Handmade Marketplace answers all the basic business questions, from sourcing supplies to sending products out into the world and promoting a business. It will include success stories and tips from a wide range of prominent crafters, authors, and bloggers.

Thanks to this terrific book, I am prepared to make a fortune selling my googly-eyed peanuts. After spending countless hours scouring flea markets and craft fairs it’s fascinating to see how things work on the other side of the table. – Amy Sedaris

Kari Chapin has spent the past 15 years in the professional world, including stints in marketing, publicity, purchasing, freelance writing, community relations, and photo styling as various job titles. She lives in New England with her husband and pets. She can be reached on her website at

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