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Pottery 6.2.2010
cat food bowls
Image by drsmith7383
From Left to Right #3 Pot (Blue), #1 Pot (Multicolored), #3rd Pot (Green).

Dog/Cat Food Bowls, Ash Trays or works of art you decide.

What happens when you drop a can of Coke into liquid nitrogen
It's going to freeze obviously. But there's this awesome possibility that the soda can will split in half and start spewing an explosion of almost frozen Coca Cola into the surrounding liquid nitrogen. Once it does that, the exploded coke looks like it …
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Mysteries in a multi-pet household
Yoyo, the brat-cat, for instance, does something that surprises me. Every evening, when I take him up to his bedroom, a quiet little nook with windows on one side, he jumps up on a table and peers outside, up into the sky. His head bobs up and down as …
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Did your dog get skunked? There's an easy household remedy
Krebaum devised a compound to neutralize the smell, and created a gentler version – the skunk remedy – when a colleague's cat was skunked. He sent the story to Chemical & Engineering News. It was later reported by the Chicago Tribune. He's been …
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