Get Rid Of Cat Urine Smell And Stains. The Right Cleaning Products.

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Cat urine odor can be very disgusting, especially if your cat starts peeing outside its litter box. The ammonia like smell comes from bacteria growing in the urine. If bacteria are not destroyed they will continue to grow and the cat urine smell will worsen.

Do not use a cleaning product with ammonia, because that is what cat urine contains.

The cleaning products used to get rid of cat urine smell can be divided into three categories:

Chemical. Chemical based products break down the molecules that cause cat urine smell. Some of this type of products can discolor carpets or furniture. It is recommended to always try the product in a little spot. Make sure that the chemical components are not dangerous for your health or your cat.

Bacterial. Bacteria based products contain bacteria that eat the urine odor components. Usually the bacterial products also contain enzymes.

Bacteria is introduced onto the stain. Having the appropiate conditions (food, moisture and temperature) bacteria will grow and reproduce very quickly.

Enzymatic cleaning products. These kind of products contain enzymes. The enzymes help to speed up chemical reactions. Enzymes break up the urea into carbon dioxide and ammonia, two gases that evaporate quickly.

What type of product you should choose to get rid of cat urine smell and stains?

The best option is enzyme based products. These type of products eliminate for ever cat urine smell and stains.

For stains from carpets, mattresses, sofas or upholstery, a liquid based product will not work well. Maybe you have already being in this scenario: you have pour liquid soap onto the soiled area and follow the instructions. The stain and urine odor are gone for about a week or two, and then the stain and the odor come back.

Using a liquid cleaning product, you will never wash the urine completely out. The fibers, pores, and fabrics have absorbed deep down the odor and the stain.

Liquid cleaners mask the smell during a short time. After a few days, the smell comes back.

The best solution to clean up urine odor and stains is to use a dry powder product. This type of product works as sponges absorbing the source of stain and odor.

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