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A happy ending (or beginning)
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Image by Kerri Lee Smith – back from vacation
Marco Polo came into the hospital Thursday afternoon and his prognosis was not good. He is a three year old male cat who had been blocked (couldn’t urinate) three times recently. A cat can’t live for more than a couple days when they’re blocked so the decision is always a hard one – either hospitalize and unblock the cat or euthanize them. Most vets have a "three strikes" rule. If a cat has been blocked three times, unblocking the cat is unreasonable given that it will probably re-block. The choice now becomes euthanizing or having a very involved surgery done called a perineal urethrostomy (you can google "PU surgery in cats" and get lots of gory information). The surgery is very expensive but the success rate is very high – meaning the cats go on to have normal lives without re-blocking.

Marco Polo had the surgery on Friday at noon and these pictures were taken today (Sunday) at around noon. Forty-eight hours after his surgery, Marco Polo was playing, jumping, chasing balls and eating like a normal, healthy three-year old cat should.

Things look a lot better today than they did three days ago.

If some of the comments don’t make sense, it’s because I deleted some of the details of Marco Polo’s story that I originally posted to protect the privacy of everyone connected to his story.)

Warning! The last picture in the comments is a close up of the incision site just beneath the rectum. Just rush on past it if you are at all uncomfortable looking at sutures and/or rectums.

Catit Nylon Adjustable Cat Collar, Blue

Catit Nylon Adjustable Cat Collar, Blue

  • Adjustable cat collar comes with metal tongue buckle, bell and D-ring
  • Available in blue color
  • Made of nylon material
  • Measures 8-13-inch length by 3/8-inch width
  • This product weighs 0.04-pound

This adjustable cat collar comes with metal tongue buckle, bell and D-ring. Available in blue color. Packaged on backer card. To find the correct collar size for your cat, measure around your cat’s neck then add 2-inch. Made of nylon material. Measures 8-13-inch length by 3/8-inch width. This product weighs 0.04-pound.

List Price: $ 4.49


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