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Whether you are an expert or just starting out, decorating cakes becomes a much easier task when you have already assembled all the right tools. Icing tips should be at the top of your cake decorating tool kit. They are available in a wide variety of styles and sizes. Although plastic icing tips are readily available and inexpensive, nickel-plated tips are in most cases more reliable and longer lasting.

Round tips are a good place to start. They can be used for writing words, strings, piping dots and scripting. In addition to round tips, petal, basket, star and leaf style tips are a good complement and a recommended must have for your decorating toolkit. They can usually be purchased individually or in a set. Once you have your tips, you will need a pastry bag and a coupler. The coupler is what fastens and secures the tip to the pastry bag. It consists of a cone that is inserted into the bag and a ring that gets fastened from the outside of the bag over the tip. One item you may already have on hand that can be used for cake decorating is cookie cutters. They are great for outlines, shapes and stencils. A flower nail is another tool that can assist you in your cake decorating and creation efforts.

As the name suggests, a flower nail looks like a nail with an over-sized head. With your pastry bag and tip in hand, the flower nail is spun with your fingers while your other hand dispenses the icing to create the petals of your flower. A handy tip when creating flowers is to dab some icing on your nail head then attach a small square of parchment paper on the nail head. Create your flower on the parchment paper as you would a bare nail then transfer it to a pan for refrigeration and later use. In recent years, flower nails have been used as a replacement to heating cores.

On larger cakes maybe ten inches or more in diameter, heating cores are placed in the center to help even out the baking throughout the entire cake. A flower nail placed inverted with the head against the base of the pan can also produce the same effects although the results may vary according to pan size, temperature and other factors.

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