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The grass gourmet kitteh
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Joey hard at work chewing grass. I don’t know why, but he’s always been fascinated with grass since he was a kitten. For the first time since last January he’s able to enjoy the outdoors without that pesky e-collar which he hates.

People do not appreciate dog collars which are spiked. Spiked dog collars look cool on English bull dogs or pit-bull dogs.

Dogs which appear in Tom and Jerry cartoons look really adorable, but believe me, there is nothing called as cute dogs. You pet dog would look extraordinary adorning those spiked collars.

The general public has a liking for spiked collars for their dogs due to a variety of reasons.

The dogs project a calm and striking look.

Spiked dog collars are definitely preferred for many safety reasons by dog lovers. It is important to understand that spiked collars are both helpful as well as hurtful. Many pet owners go in for spiked collars since they prove to be safe and secure for their houses.

Just think: if you have an English Bulldog with an impressive spike collar, will you want to go near that dog?

People would not want to enter a house which houses a dog with spiked collars and till the pet owner asks the dog to go inside, the visitor would not want to enter the house. I know that because I personally experience it.

A vital feature is that dogs with spiked collars should not be allowed outside the road.

If you intend getting your spiked collar pet for a walk, then make sure that they wear chic and stylish collars. You will be surprised that spiked dog collars can be part of a design. The spikes used are usually blunt and small so it will not harm the dog or anyone.

Dogs adorning the spiked collar appear elegant and stylish and if you buy a pink spiked dog collar, it would look all the more classy. Dog collars with spikes have a greater breadth as compared to the normal dog collars. The spikes occupy a greater portion of the collar. As the width is just too wide for most dogs so I advice that you do not let your dogs wear these spikes for too long. Collars which have really lengthy spikes should not be chosen for your canines.

Though these spikes look classy, it is important to note that your canine would be most uncomfortable wearing those spiked collars since they would not even be able to rest with these spikes.

Be nice to your dogs, avoid the long spikes collars.

It will be interesting how spiked dog collar will look on your dog. Perhaps a reflective dog collar would also look nice. Visit us for more information today.

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