Animal Emergency Preparedness

Pottery 6.2.2010
cat food bowls
Image by drsmith7383
From Left to Right #3 Pot (Blue), #1 Pot (Multicolored), #3rd Pot (Green).

Dog/Cat Food Bowls, Ash Trays or works of art you decide.

Animal Emergency Preparedness
The Bitterroot Animal Rescue Coalition suggests for dogs and cats, you're going to want to have a kit with extra leash, collar, and ID tags in case they get lost in the shuffle of emergency. Also pack medical records and a good picture in case your dog …
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Pooches and dragons: Working in the pet business
In a holding area at a busy vets' practice, one of the canine patients is enthusiastically eating everything but the bowl that the food came in. Nothing wrong with his appetite anyway. "I've been in theatre, dealing with a cruciate ligament injury in a …
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