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The Two Lives of Our Favourite Kitty

In the real world, the one inhabited by you and I, she came to existence in the Tokyo region of Japan during the mid 1970s.  A creative individual, by the name of Shimizu carefully designed the iconic kitten, while working for the Sanrio Company. Sanrio began trading as a card shop, much like Hallmark do today, but once Hello Kitty was born, they were able to extend their merchandise much further, to the extent that, today, Sanrio have an annual turnover of anywhere between £1 and £4 billion! Sanrio commissioned Shimizu to design a cartoon that would appeal to young children, girls in particular, in order that the image could be inscribed upon a vinyl purse, and the creation that followed received global acclaim within a very short space of time.  Indeed, first created in 1974, it took two short years to reach the American market, which it took by storm during 1976.  The vinyl purses were extremely popular, and remain so to this day. The original cartoon character was depicted wearing a red bow on her left ear, and blue overalls below.  Bizarrely, she was drawn without a mouth, in the original picture, she was depicted sucking from a

Supplies For Home Canning

The Wannabe Image by Gossamer1013 The Biscuit tries to sneak up on the Masonator…but must first get a good supply of Beano. Home canning and preserving has regained its popularity with a new generation of home canners. It remains a very satisfying food process, proven to be well worth the time and energy required to produce nutritious, healthy and additive-controlled fruits for your family. Canning is a preservation method, where fruits are packed in jars and immersed in either a water bath or pressure canner and heated for a specific amount of time at a certain temperature. The type of food will dictate what type of supplies must be used, temperature maintained, and the process period that is required. Mason or preserving containers consist of a glass jar, metal band and flat lid. Every part of the container must be in good condition in order to get a good vacuum seal of jar contents and thus preserve the cooking for later use. Processing foods such as fish or meats in metal tins is also a form of home fruit storage, but it requires specialized equipment to apply and seal the metal lids to tins. It is more difficult to obtain

Remarkable Advantages to Buying Your Pet Supplies Online

We hear everyday how going green is one the surest ways to save our planet. Gasoline prices continue to rise and with the current employment conditions, people who are working are doing so longer, taking on special work projects anything they can to ensure continued employment months down the road. The kids are back in school which means lots of homework, those special science projects and who knows what else teachers will come up with next. With all of these components in our lives, it’s a wonder if there is any time to sleep. It is also easy to forget our four legged family members and the attention they too require. With the advent of the internet as well as high-speed connections and secure purchasing, pet owners can now take advantage of buying their pet supplies online. It is no longer necessary to take what little precious time we do have and spend it making an extra trip to the brick-mortar pet store. As all of us try and save every penny we can, the questions we get asked are “what about the shipping cost verses going to the store” and “what if I have questions will I ever get

Heartworm Medications for Your Beloved Cats

Heartworm medicine for cats is available in the market these days; different products are available to cure your cat’s disease. However since it is available and can easily buy in the market, you need to seek guidance from the professional veterinarian on how to use this without endangering the health of your cat. Feline pet is the sweetest animal that you could have. They always follow you around, sleep on your lap, and give you the cutest look they have. However like other animals they are too sensitive when it comes to their health. If you haven’t been in a veterinarian and not yet given your cat de-worm then they might be in danger of infecting a heartworm disease. This disease is very dangerous since the worm is lurking around the blood streams of your pet and the worst scenario might lead to death. Nevertheless heartworm medicine for cats can easily prevent and avoid this disease. A lot of products like Heartgard Plus, Interceptor, Revolution, and Advantage Multi for cats are all available and can easily buy at the nearest veterinary clinic. Heartgard Plus heartworm medication for cats contains ivermectin and pyrantel that is known for preventing the heartworm infections.

Hospitality Equipment Suppliers

Centerfold Stripper Midgets Chickens 11 2010 Shankbone Image by david_shankbone A troupe of little people in chicken suits flocked to McDonald’s in Times Square brandishing signs declaring, "I Am Not a Nugget!" The diminutive dancers from Centerfold Strips—which bills itself as the number one source for midget and dwarf strippers—made their entrance in a pink stretch Mini Cooper and pound ed the pavement in a choreographed musical protest against McDonald’s outdated and unkind slaughter practices. Chickens who are raised for McNuggets are killed using an old-fashioned method that causes millions of birds to have their wings broken and many to be scalded to death in defeathering tanks. Often the chickens are still conscious when they are sent, upside down, to the knife. A less cruel slaughter method—and one that is already used by McDonald’s European suppliers—is available, but the company refuses to require its U.S. suppliers to upgrade to it. "We hope our little protest calls attention to the big cruelty that McDonald’s inflicts on chickens every day," — PETA Senior Vice President Dan Mathews, who was on the scene. (David Shankbone) The hospitality industry has grown in leaps and bounds all over the world. Consequently, there are several good

Histoplasmosis in Cats

Histoplasmosis in cats is a non-contagious fugal infection that can cause a lot of damage to your pet. If this infection disseminates in your cat, the damages may be so severe that they may never recover. When an infection in your cat disseminates, it means that it has spread over a large part of their body and has affected several tissues and organs. Treatments for this fungi infection are very expensive and not very effective placing severely infected cats at very poor odds of recovering. Fungi infections are always dangerous, but this one is especially damaging and potentially fatal for your cat. This infection is caused by a fungi known as Histoplasma capsulatum and is carried by dust particles and its primary focus on your cat will be the lungs. This fungus is a dimorphic pathogen that also causes disease in humans and if referred as histoplasmosis. It is also known as Darlings disease, Ohio Valley disease, and Maria fever. It is found primarily in the Midwestern and Southern United States that are heavily saturated with river valleys and plain areas where this mold can grow. It is especially dangerous around bird habitats, as the bird droppings help this organism