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What's Happening for JANUARY (Updated Jan. 24)

What's Happening for JANUARY (Updated Jan. 24) Event will honor Russell Bangs, and collect supplies such as sleeping bags, blankets, tarps, tents, cooking gear, backpacks, duffle bags, toiletries, candles, weather radios, batteries, clothes, folding chairs, CTA passes, food gift cards … Read more on Towers' residents tap into creativity, discover talents Participants pay a $ 2 monthly fee for minor supplies. They have craft and bake sales to earn extra money for craft show fees. … Southards paints landscapes and colorful Cheshire cat pictures. She draws cartoons. “I love the people and the art here … Read more on Fremont Tribune Shakeup at Effingham animal shelter Dena Stapleton, vice president of Helping Out Pets in Effingham (HOPE), said her group will offer HOPE Hearts for 14 dogs and 12 cats at the shelter in February. The certificates … The public donated food and supplies anytime Cowan asked for them … Read more on Savannah Morning News

Sunny Seat Window-Mounted Cat Bed Reviews

Whose bed? Image by hehaden Lulu has decided she likes my bed. I like it too, but that’s irrelevant now… Sunny Seat Window-Mounted Cat Bed Gives your cat a front view of nature without taking up valuable space in your home Industrial strength suction cups hold up to an amazing 50 pounds Installs in seconds to glass windows or doors Durable and removable cover is machine washable Perfect for multi-cat households Is your cat always searching for a view outside or a warm place in the sun? The search is over with the Sunny Seat Cat Window Bed! Say goodbye to bulky cat condos and other beds your cat won’t use and say hello to the Sunny Seat. Installs in seconds to glass windows and doors and features industrial strength suction cups that hold up to an amazing 50 pounds! The Sunny Seat provides your cat a front row view of nature, weather, people and more without taking up valuable floor space. Perfect for cats that like to bask in the warm sun or active cats that desire a high vantage point. Helps reduce separation anxiety and keep messy hair off of your furniture. Great for multiple cat households! List

Combat Cat Flea Allergy with Hartz Flea & Tick Control Products

  Recently when we went to visit a friend, she appeared to be quite crest-fallen. Her cat had been acting strange for some time. The poor kitty was scratching like crazy and biting its fur frantically. So much so that inflamed, irritated and infected skin was beginning to appear at certain places. What my friend did not know was that her cat was suffering from cat flea allergy and she had a flea infestation to deal with. Flea Dermatitis or commonly known as flea allergy happens to be one of the most common reason why people take their cats to a vet. It is basically caused by the flea bites as bugs inject their saliva in the skin of the pet to prevent blood from coagulating while they feed on the blood of the host. Not all cats get afflicted with dermatitis after a flea bite. In fact, most cats would only feel minor irritation and an urge to scratch. However, if a cat that is allergic to flea saliva and it bitten by even a single flea can have a severe itch reaction. It’s not uncommon for such allergic reaction to last several days and weeks causing much discomfort

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Antifreeze thought to have poisoned 9 cats in W. Salem

“DIS AR TEH MAH BEST IMPRESHUN OV JAZZ!” Image by stratman² (2 many pix!) Joey was so happy being outside without that pesky e-collar that he’s worn for months that he tried to pose like that adorable Siamese kitty named Jazz. I tried to tell him that Jazz is not an orange tabby but a Siamese, but he didn’t care anyway. :o) Antifreeze thought to have poisoned 9 cats in W. Salem "We see a few clipped (ear) cats around here so we know they've been fixed and others wearing collars," Jensen said. "But it's not like it's the 'Aristocats' (Disney movie with hundreds of cats) around here." Dr. Morris performed necropsies on several … Read more on Statesman Journal Can the Siberian Tiger Make a Comeback? The Hornocker Wildlife Institute brought radio collars, transmitters and the telemetry experience necessary to track big cats remotely. It was a depressing time: Almost every tiger the group collared seemed to be poached. Sometimes the poachers would … Read more on Smithsonian Volunteer: 'Redonating' was normal process at neglected animal shelter "It is because of the generosity of the citizens who donated the numerous collars, bags of food, bottles of shampoo, dog houses,

Pet dog product supplier dog bed cat bed dog house sofa cat house Warm soft plush Reviews

Farm Santiago Cid – Xerta – Catalunya Image by Animal Equality This selection of photos belongs to Animal Equality’s rabbit investigation, revealing sickening cruelty to animals in the industry in Spain. This farm is directly linked with English suppliers and the meat is served in the UK. Pet dog product supplier dog bed cat bed dog house sofa cat house Warm soft plush 100% brand new high quality For your love pet Material: high density sponge, PP cotton Size: S: 33 * 38 high25 front high 10cm M: 43 * 44 high33 front high 11cm L: 48 * 55 high37 front high 13cm List Price: $ 29.99 Price: